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O spoločnosti VIPTel

Who are we?

We are a group of experts and specialists that have been providing quality telecommunication VoIP solutions of various kinds since 2010. We provide innovative services that make life easier for our customers - meaning they like to use them. We focus on corporate customers but our telephone services are also used by a large number of households that have decided to replace their classic landline phones with modern technology.

Our team

Our team consists of four departments with a total of twenty-five people. Our customers are mainly taken care of by our colleagues from the sales and technical departments who are always prepared to help with inquiries and special requests - as quickly as possible. They have now resolved almost every type of customer case, and thanks to their considerable experience, always manage to find the best solution for everyone.

Our priorities

Because we understand that without our customers we would not be able to do what we do and enjoy, our highest priority is customer satisfaction. We try to achieve this by combining the following:

  • Quality services you can rely on - The quality of our services and the functioning of the company is guaranteed by international certificate ISO 9001:2009 which we have continuously held since 2013, as well as the many other certificates and diplomas our employees have been awarded. Particularly reassuring in terms of user satisfaction with our services is the large number of our customers who speak so highly of us, simply demonstrated by the fact that approximately 20% of our clientele is with us thanks to the recommendation from an acquaintance already using our services.
  • First-class customer support that is always there to advise and provides help as soon as possible – We rely on willing, high-quality and prompt customer support so that customer needs are met quickly, professionally and responsibly. Our customer support staff are happy to advise you on product selection and the technical specialists can help you in case of any difficulties.
  • Modern technologies and services according to your needs and the latest developments – As we like to move forward, we constantly try to offer new features and functionality that make the use of our services easier and more pleasant. Suggestions often come directly from our customers who we always try to accommodate as far as possible.
  • Customized solutions that allow you to use only what you really need – We customize the offer of services to each customer separately. After setting up and handing over the services, we present the entire solution to the customer and explain it so that they have an overview of what and how it will best serve their needs. After the first few days or weeks we make sure that everything does in fact suit them and, where necessary, are happy to tweak the final few details so that everything is just as they imagined.
  • The lowest possible prices to make our services available to everyone – We believe that quality does not have to mean astronomically high prices. We try to set prices so that our services are affordable for households and small businesses, and at the same time so that we are able to maintain a high quality of service and keep moving the business forward.
  • Fairness and no hidden fees – Thanks to our customized solutions, customers only pay for what they actually use. The more information we have from you, the better we are able to tailor your offer and ensure the lowest possible prices. Before concluding the contract, we discuss every detail with you so you know how much our services are going to cost you per month, and that there are no hidden surprises in store for you.

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